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There are currently three (3) levels of membership in the WTPA. An active member can participate at all levels of the WTPA. Active members can vote and hold an office. An associate level member has the same rights as an active member, but cannot vote or hold an elected office. However, an associate member can serve on a committee. A sustaining member supports the goals of the WTPA through its sustaining membership. A sustaining member can be an individual, a business, a law firm, etc. A sustaining member cannot vote or hold office, but can be a member of a committee. In addition, a life membership can be conveyed to a WTPA active member for extraordinary service to the WTPA. A life member no longer pays membership dues.


Active Membership


View the Active Membership Application in Adobe PDF:
Active Membership Application


Active Membership Renewal Application


Any resident of the State of Texas who has,through education, training or experience,
  • demonstrated knowledge of the legal system, legal principles, and procedures
  • works as a paralegal under the direct supervision of a duly licensed attorney
  • has attended at least one meeting of the Association, and
  • who has satisfied at least one of the criteria for active membership established by this Association (see application),
    • shall be eligible for active membership.


Associate Membership


View the Associate Membership Application in Adobe PDF:
Associate Membership Application


Associate membership may be granted to a person who has satisfied at least one of the criteria for Association Membership established by this Association (see application).


Sustaining Membership


View the Sustaining Membership Application in Adobe PDF:
Sustaining Membership Application


Any attorney, law firm, business, corporation, school, or educator who supports the paralegal profession and the goals, objectives, and programs of this Association may become a Sustaining Member upon approval by the Membership Committee.

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